You are probably wondering, why the title, Symbolism. Let me enlighten you. The primary purpose of this article, and its title, is to bring clarity to an event that took place during the horrific looting and riots that engulfed this nation to the point of chaos, and the heinous relentless attacks on those who can be classified as innocent bystanders, by those who would attempt to bring this nation to a tumultuous end. Thank God, their intentions will not come to fruition.

America the beautiful, has become, America, the unrecognizable nation. Why do I describe it as such? Well, this is no secret as to my statement. Everyone is quite aware as to what has occurred worldwide. It all began in Wuhan, China. That’s right, China. What started as an experiment, became a worldwide nightmare. This phenomenon, called, Corona Virus,(Wuhan Virus) began its deadly onslaught throughout the world. People began dying after contracting this disease, and when it finally arrived at our shores, pandemic took hold of our daily way of life. What made matters worse was the statement by a high official of the World Health Organization, who I may add, took his sweet time in reporting the findings of this virus. In addition, this individual, who has no medical background, but questionable virtues, declared this malady as a pandemic.

Immediately, the left, who has hated our President and his supporters, began a predicted attack on him, by blaming him for this most horrific death carrier. Mr. Trump declared an emergency, and allowed the local government officials to decide on the best way to combat this virus. Well, this suggestion gave many Governors, especially Democrats, new found tyrannical powers, and felt the need to shut down their respective states, as they pleased.

Suddenly, Americans found themselves confined to their homes, akin to house arrest, businesses were shut down, and all other non-essential entities, such as churches, clothing stores, malls, etc. What strikes me as odd, is the fact that, liquor stores, Planned Parenthood, cannabis (marijuana) centers were deemed as essential, thus allowing said areas to remain open. In addition, we were forced to wear face masks, and were told to stay at home, or face negative consequences.

When we are faced with a dilemma, many of us do turn to God. One of the primary methods of turning to Him, is by attending church services, praying along with our brethren, and imploring Gods mercy upon whatever tribulation we face. Sadly, we could not do that. The first words out of our Governor were, “DO not go to Church” What kind of advice is that? The Church represents refuge, convocation, gathering of believers in one accord, for the purpose of worshiping our God, and asking Him to intervene. Well, our Governor did not think this was essential. This idiotic thinking carried through in all states.

Easter, which is a very sacred season to us Christians, as it symbolizes salvation through the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was also canceled. And yet, she had the audacity to say that the bunny was essential. Let me get this straight. Does the Bible say that God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten bunny? Of course not! He gave His only begotten Son! There you have it. To me, this whole lock down of the Churches is an attack against God, His children, the church, and also, an attack on our President. I would soundly advise those who would go against God. Your arms are too short to box with Him.

Surprise, Surprise! Once things began to wane, some of the restrictions were lifted, and some churches were allowed to open, but with harsh restrictions. Not all were this fortunate. In some areas Pastors were threatened with jail time should they choose to open their places of worship. Again, the powers that be, shaking their fists at God.

In order to appease and or perhaps look good, some state leaders, allowed the churches to meet, but with restricted attendance. For instance, if you have a membership of let’s say 100 worshipers, you’re allowed to have around ten people in attendance. Great, isn’t it? Another restriction that boggled my mind, related to how these Christians were to worship. You can meet, must wear masks, but singing is forbidden. Excuse me! We Christians don’t hum, as we don’t practice Yoga. Also, we do not chant. One wonders what else is on the horizon!

My warning to you modern Pharaohs, don’t rile God. As in ancient times, He is saying, “Let my people go, so that they might worship me.” Many of you don’t believe in Him, and some would question why a loving God would punish any one. True. He is a loving God, but you do not want to experience His wrath. You have been warned.

Let’s fast forward, to that horrific day, when a Black-American was murdered, by a rogue Police Officer. This was an uncalled action by this officer as well as the others who were present. Let me be straight. I support the men in blue, as they, on a daily basis, put their lives on the line, in order to protect us, and bring law and order. Every tree has a rotten apple, but please, don’t chop down the whole tree because of it. You are well aware of the ensuing consequences, resulting from this heinous act. I won’t go into detail, as these acts, carried out by haters of this country and what it stands for, attempted to destroy our way of life.

One act that really got to me, was the burning of St. John’s Episcopal Church, and the attempted destruction of this house of worship. I was angry, and totally surprised that this was not in the media’s narrative, as it did not garner much coverage. Having said that, I was greatly pleased when President Trump visited the church, held up the Bible, and stood there in defiance. The media called it a photo op. Right. That’s what they would want everyone to think.

Moses held up the Ten Commandments inscribed on those tablets, announcing to the people how they should conduct their lives, and how to live according to God. Our President, by visiting that Church, announced to the world, in a symbolic manner, that Churches, where we gather to worship the Lord, will not be burned, and that Churches will not be shut down. Holding up the Bible, just as Moses held up the tablets was in itself a symbolic act, whereupon we who are followers of the Lord, and the populace, for that matter, will adhere to the word of God, which is the Bible.

I was inspired by God to write this article, in its entire format. If it made you somewhat uncomfortable, I would suggest that you take it up with God. Remember, God loves you, and so do I. May God Bless America. May He also Bless you, and May He Bless Our President, Donald J. Trump

Corona Virus, VS God

Greetings, in the name of the Lord. I’m Dr.Johnny Velazquez, and my wife and I are faithful members of The Kings House. (Casa Del Rey) I would like to chat with you, with respect to the turmoil we are facing at the present. I would also like to outline, and discuss a few of the senses God has placed in each one of us, and how to use them during these trying times. As we apply these God given areas, we will be able to understand, how to cope with any adversities. Let us begin from a human perspective of how we perceive the world around us.

Sight, or vision. The ability of the eyes to perceive images of visible light. What a wonderful gift, where one can see the glory of God all around us. The vastness of the heavens, the array of the beauty God has prepared for us in order that we might enjoy His handy work every day. What a wonderful phenomenon. The enemy does not want us to see God’s glory manifested throughout the earth, so what does he do? He brings chaos, as he attempts to transform our outlook.

You venture outside, and instead of basking in His glory, all you see is bedlam, or a state of confusion, havoc, unbelief, doom, as registered on individuals, running amok. It feels like a stampede of animals without hope, or sheep without a shepherd to guide them. What is happening to us? How do we fix this, or who can save us from this impending doom?

Well, God did not give us sight to see negativism. Ask Him to help you see this current situation, through His eyes, or have Him open your spiritual eyes. Once you have done this, and have totally yielded to His will, open your eyes, and by faith, see Him destroy this hidden enemy, without any efforts. See what will take place. Instead of mayhem, you will see calm. Instead of confusion, you will see redirection. Instead of havoc, you will see unity.

Hearing, the quickest sense of all, also known as audition, is another great gift given to us by God, which allows us to hear through vibrations in the ear canal. Again, the enemy, via this malady that has swept the world, wants you to focus on what’s been verbalized by the mainstream media. You turn on the TV, and all you hear is doom and gloom. “We are in for the roughest ride of our lives” You go to the market or other areas, and the public is heard talking about how this will never end, how many of us will perish, how we are running out of supplies, etc. Well, again, let me remind you that there is a powerful voice that says, “Do not fear, be still and know that I am God.”

Instead of concentrating on the negative perception, spewed by those who would want you to panic, and embrace despair, listen to the men of God who are voicing victory, and the positive words of God that resonate with us. Open your ears to His voice, and His promises. He will never forsake you. When things look gloomy to you, go to Him for peace of mind, and He will direct your steps. Listen to that small still voice, which has the power to turn your sorrow into joy. Rejoice in the fact that He, and He alone holds the future. Do not fret, nor remain fearful at what the enemy has done. Remember, God is in control, and no matter what you hear, He will see you through.

Taste, also known as gestation, is the ability to taste good, and bad, dangerous chemicals that would kill us if we are not careful. The corona Virus has left a bitter taste in our mouths. Let me explain. When fear strikes, the words that come out of your mouth, do leave a bitter taste, as you are now a child of the living God, and your language has taken a turn for the best. Negative responses to this situation, takes possession of your verbal capabilities, and you begin to speak negativism to those around you. Instead of bringing hope to them, you make them feel hopeless, and as you continue this pattern, your words become bitter to those who hear them. I would advise you to pray, and listen to what the Lord would have you say. By doing so, bitter words will become, soothing ones, filled with hope, encouragement, and sweet tasting to all.

I leave you with this. We have to follow the law of the land. We must be alert, cautious, and wise. But through all this, rise up, and see the Glory of the Lord, See what awaits you, and know that the best is yet to come. Hear the praises brought forth by those who are constantly elevating His name, and power. Leap for joy, as you taste the sweetness of His love for us. Remember, He has set a table in the presence of your enemies. God will not let us down. His love for us is unwavering. Victory in Jesus. He holds the future.

God bless you and your loved ones, and may He also Bless our President Trump, and the United States of America.

Dare To Doubt Your Doubts

My Take On It.

This coming year, 2020 some of you will experience feelings of uncertainty, apprehension, hesitations, distrust, and at some point, disbelief. You will question your ability to birth that master piece you have longed to write, build, create, etc. and because of deep rooted doubts, will procrastinate. You will sit at the computer, type a few sentences that have swirled in your head for some time, but after writing the first paragraph, doubts will begin to inundate your mind, after reading said sentences. You will question yourself, punish yourself mentally, and without hesitation, delete what you have written. “Why, you might ask, can’t I just finish what I start?” Well, I might have some answers, and suggestions for you.

Self-doubts can stem from a variety of emotional variables. You were repeatedly told that you would never reach any goals, were not good enough, never received any accolades, but instead, received continuous…

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New Mexico. What Happened To You?

Ahh! The land of, “Enchantment.” Beautiful, clear blue skies. Friendly people, majestic mountains, four seasons, breath taking sunsets, an array of picturesque clouds, fantastic food, of course, our green chile, and multiple churches. What else could one ask for! This the place to live. But wait just one second. There is a very dark side to this paradise.

Let’s reflect on this dark side. Despite the multiple churches, and seemingly religious atmosphere, New Mexico is riddled with a high crime volume, such as murders, corruption, fraud, sex trafficking, criminals being released back into society, and somehow interpreted by these lawbreakers, as a license to continue, “Business as usual.” The education system is at its lowest in the nation. Educators aren’t regarded as genuine educators by other states, based on my own research, and based on the aforementioned, it would appear that this state would not be a fit one to visit.

Thus far, I have touched the tip of the iceberg. Are you aware that New Mexico has been dubbed, “The Abortion Capital of this nation, if not the world? A baby can be aborted a few hours before birth, or better known as late term abortion. How can a state with so many so called Christians, be allowed to practice this heinous act? Is this a problem of a religious nature, or a political one?

Let’s look at religious nature. We Christians are dead set against abortion, and yet, laws are passed and, we don’t get involved in attempting to remedy this problem. We pray and pray, but never leave our prayer closet, and truly explore as to why this practice continues. We have built a ‘China Wall” around us, thereby preventing us to see what is really taking place outside our four walls. We need to get off our knees once we have ended our prayers, and become vociferous with respect to our beliefs, as committed Christians. Time to get involved! If we don’t, we’ll wake up one morning, and wonder why our rights have been taken from us.

Now, let’s talk politics. Our politicians have taken it upon themselves, that they know what’s best for us, and will pass legislation, contrary to what we stand for. Many of us have no clue as to what laws are being passed on a regular basis. The media paints a rosy picture about those involved in politics, and the public, including Christians, believe what’s being reported. We should all be concerned as to whether or not, New Mexico will rise to the occasion, or will continue to sink.

I had the opportunity of attending a meeting, sponsored by the Hispanic Action Network, headed by Mark Gonsalez, at the invitation of Ruben Guajardo, the third, which addressed my concerns, and had the honor of meeting a fiery young man who is currently running for the office of Attorney General, for the state of new Mexico. His name is Michael Hendricks, a gentleman whose Christian values are quite evident. In discussing the problem in our state, he indicated that as the next Attorney General, he will put a stop to late term abortion, and will crack down in a relentless way, on crimes of every nature. His take on the current situation is, that politicians as well as law enforcement agencies are too lax in carrying out their duties. He has promised to fight crime, protect our most priced possession, our innocent children, and will root-out corruption.

As a Christian, I am indignant as to what has happened to our great state. Time for us to wake up, get involved, and vote for those, whose values we embrace. I urge you, to be courageous, stand your ground, and remember…God is our protector. Do not fear, and voice your concerns, whether they be audible, or at the ballot box. God Bless You, as you take that giant leap for our state.

Should I Trust Him? Hmm!

Should I trust him? Hmm!

Car sales men. The title itself, denotes a sense of being in the middle of a bad nightmare. You contact the dealer, schedule an appointment, and when you arrive at your destination, you are seated, and told to wait for, ugh, the person who will take care of you. As you wait, you look around, and realize that you’re not alone. “Where am I?” After what it seems like hours, the sales person enters the room, greets you, and asks you to follow him. All kinds of thoughts race through your mind. You try to find an excuse to leave, but, it’s too late. You feel that this is the last walk you’ll ever take. You can almost hear someone say, “Dead man walking!”

Well, this might sound too far fetched to you, but, that’s not the case at Reliable Nissan, a local dealership located on the North West side of Albuquerque, especially in the case of Abdul Kebe, a top salesman at the aforementioned dealership. When you meet Abdul, and deal with him, it is like a dream come true. A very caring, and patient individual, who will treat you as a family member.

Approximately two years ago, I decided that the time had come to purchase a new vehicle. It was time to say good by to my old Nissan Altima, which had seen its best days. I visited Reliable, and met with a young man, named Patrick. We spoke at length, and after a back forth interaction, I decide to wait just a little longer. I felt that in order for me to get the best deal, I should shop around for a better deal, if at all possible. During this period, Patrick and I maintained contact with each other. The thing that stood out about him, is that fact that I never felt pressured by him.

Finally, and I do mean, “Finally,” and after discussing several options with my wife, it was decided that I would go back to Reliable. Upon my arrival, and having asked for Patrick, I was informed that he had been transferred to another facility, in Arizona. I stood there for a while, pondering my next move. Just then, a very friendly individual approached me, and asked how he could be of assistance. He greeted me in a very cordial manner, and we both recognized each other. That individual was Abdul, whom I had met and spoken with during my visits with Patrick.

He ushered me into his cubicle, and we began discussing the purchase of a new Nissan Altima. He was very patient, and informative. In a very methodical manner, Abdul covered all the different deals and options with respect to the purchase. After covering all the ares available, we walked over to the lot, where most of the vehicles are kept. We looked at several cars, and finally, I chose one that I felt would meet my needs. We discussed the price and whatever deal he could offer. The prices were very enticing, and very very affordable. I went home, discussed the prices, color of the car, etc. I waited approximately one week, before responding to Abdul.

This went on for about a month. I would go the dealership, speak with Abdul, see other car, discuss prices and deals, and would return the following week. After a while, I kept thinking that by this time, Abdul might be getting very tired of my inability to make up my mind. I felt that he must have thought I was just pulling his leg, and was not serious about buying a car. To the contrary, this was the furthest thing from his mind. Every time a I came to see him, he would greet me in the same manner, as if I were a new customer. To be truthful, had I been in his shoes, I would have been done with me.

The patience he demonstrated throughout this period was uncanny. He continued working with me, until I finally made up my mind, and bought a brand new car, at a very good price. After all the necessary paper work was done, Abdul introduced me to Armando Medina, a very attentive young man, in charge of preparing the necessary documents. Another patient, and caring individual. He will explain everything in detail, so as not to confuse you.

As I said in the beginning, dealing with Abdul, is like having your dream come true. I’m sure that the rest of the staff at Reliable would have treated me in a similar manner, but Abdul demonstrated, that his interest lies mostly on pleasing the customer, and providing the type service that would cause this customer to return to such a caring environment. Should I trust Him? You bet! Abdul is the type of salesman that treats you as family, not as a check in the mail. He will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable, trusting, and at peace. He will not pressure, nor will he attempt to lure you with a lot of tempting rhetoric.

We all seem to have a stigma, about car salesmen. That stigma is no longer a part of me, after having dealt with Abdul Kebe.

Copyright: Dr. Johnny Velazquez

More with Mort


Those of you who have read my posts regarding my friend Mort, are very well aware of his eccentric behavior. Well, here we go again. I promise this, you won’t be disappointed.

I woke up to a beautiful, bright morning, and had just settled down to a strong cup of coffee, when the door flew open, and, you guessed it, Mort burst through it, and he looked mighty angry.  (Before going any further, you’re probably asking why the door was unlocked. I do it for Mort’s benefit. You see, he doesn’t believe in ringing doorbells, for he thinks that these contraptions are owned by the telephone company.  His take is this. Every time you ring a door bell, the telephone company makes a ton of money.  Well. That’s Mort).

As I sat there, wondering what would come out of his mouth, I asked him to relax, settle down, and to tell me why he looked so angry. He began to open his mouth, but before he could speak,, I stopped him, and said, “Mort, I know you have a “Great Story” to tell me, but before you start, let me take care of something I have to do. Sit down on your favorite chair, and don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back.”  I went the kitchen, got me two aspirins, swallowed them without any water, and prepared myself for the impending headache that was about to attack me. I returned to the living room, and asked Mort to tell me what had happened.

He began by asking what I thought was a dumb question. “What is my name?”  I said, “Mort, of course.” Why do you ask?”  “How  long have you known me, and have I ever used another name?” he asked. “Well,” I responded. “I have known you forever. You know that. What kind of a dumb question is that?” Mort looked at me long and hard, and if looks could kill, I would have died right then and there. He got up from the chair, walked around, sat down, got up again and produced what appeared to be a legal document.

He took a deep breath, and in a very loud, and angry tone, began his rant. “The government wants to change my name. This piece of paper proves it.” “What in the world are you talking about? I asked. Why would they want to change your name?” I became somewhat concerned, as I have never seen him this upset. “Listen, Mort, they can’t change your name at all. You are the only one who can do this. I know that for a fact!”  Mort looked at me, somewhat mortified, and stated, “You are wrong this time, my friend. They will change it, and I don’t know what to do about it. You need to help me here! I have been Mort all my life. It’s the name my parents gave me. Who gives these people the right to change my name?”

“Let see that paper, Mort. Let me see what is says.” He handed it to me, and as I read through it, I started laughing uncontrollably.  He just stared at me with a dumbfounded look on his face, and asked, “Why are you laughing, when my life hangs on the balance?” “Mort, I said, show me where it says that your name will be changed.” He grabbed the paper from me and pointed to a specific paragraph.

“Ok, Mr. smarty pants. Read this sentence here.” I read it out loud, and it said, “You are being Sued.” “Well, he asked, what do you have to say now? I don’t want them to change my name to Sue. I don’t want that stupid name. I have always been Mort, and no one is going to call me something else. Would you like your name to be changed?”  “Of course not, I replied, but they aren’t changing yours.” “What do you mean they are not? he asked. It says right there, that I am going to be Sue!”  “Mort, relax, I said. No one is changing your name. You are being taken to court by the person listed on this piece of paper, That’s why it says, you are being Sued, not Sue. “   “Well, he said. Why didn’t they say that from the start, instead of telling me that they were going to change my name.”   “Mort, I said, go home, open your dictionary, and look up the word, Sue. Hopefully you’ll get it.”

He got up from the chair, and as he was leaving, I heard him muttered under his breath, “No one will ever change my name.” I got up also, closed the door behind him, and promised myself that I would never go through another one of these hellish moments. Of course, I will go through another episode again. Mort can’t help himself, and besides, he is my friend. However, thank God for Aspirins!


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