Can I trust You?

In an era filled with scam artists, involved in Ponzi schemes, outrageous charges for work not performed by so called professional technicians, such as, auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, heating, and air conditioning techs, can only wonder as to who can be trusted in this day and age. I have encountered such individuals, who will steep so low as to scam their own mothers, if given the opportunity. These are what I would call, “the scum of the earth.” as they have no empathy for anyone. Their selfish, negative behaviors leave no room for any benevolence. “I’ll do unto you, but don’t you dare do unto me.” Nice attitude… huh?

Who are their victims? Their ages seem to vary, depending on the need of that particular person. Let’s take for instance, an older woman, living by herself, with no one to assist her. Her car goes out of commission, her refrigerator stops working, and to top it all, the plumbing system in her house decides to clog up. I would venture to say, that she has become a prime target for scam artists. She is at their mercy, if the wrong people show up at her house. This is a continuous occurrence that targets people of all ages.It’s a crying shame that, “A bad apple can spoil the whole bushel,” as the saying goes.
This is not to say that all techs are rotten. There are some honest to goodness individuals, who constantly perform excellent work, as needed. Their reputations are on the line, as well as their sense of pride, benevolence, and overall, outlook in life. These are the ones who see themselves in the mirror everyday, like what they see, and do feel good about how they treat their fellowmen.

There is a company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose employees fit this honest techs. category. I’m talking about, Courtesy. This company is in the business of Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning repairs.. My air conditioner stopped working for about three days. Needless to say, these were miserable days, due to the intense heat in this city. After various attempts on my own to remedy the problem, I decided to contact close friends, in the hopes of finding a technician who could be trusted. One of my friends suggested that I contact, Courtesy. I was told that they would inspect the a/c unit, pinpoint the problem, and concentrate on that particular area. Contact was established, a tech came to my house, the problem was detected, and immediately rectified. Out of curiosity, I asked whether or not he had found any other problems. The tech indicated that all was well. By the way, his name is, Phil Mares, an honest to goodness technician. Will I recommend this company, Courtesy? You bet. They have my vote.

As you can well see, there are some righteous technicians out there who can truly be trusted. Perhaps they can change that negative saying, “A bad apple spoils the whole bushel,” to, “A good apple can influence the rest of the bushel.”
Well, that’s my take on trust. Sadly, there are those who will continue to suck the life out of those they deem, as the weak ones. What is your take? You are welcome to comment.

Mention of this business was approved by one of the reps, Dayna. The technician, Phil was made aware also.


Yesterday, June 12, 2013, marked the sixth month anniversary of that horrendous mass murder of 20 children, and 6 adults, at Sandy Hook Elementary School. I decided to re-blog this post, lest we forget. Our thoughts, and prayers continue to be with the families of these precious victims.

December, 14, 2012, ( to quote President Roosevelt in his now famous speech, given in 1941), a date that will live in infamy. Adam Lanza, a name that will also live in infamy.
On this fateful date, you Adam, according to news reports, retrieved your mother’s guns, and for no apparent reason shot, and killed her. My question to you, Why?
That same day, you took these guns with you, with intentions of killing someone. Along the way, you decided to go to Sandy Hook Elementary School. Due to its restricted entrance, you forced your way in, walked to a specific classroom you seemed to have targeted, and began to spray bullets without hesitation, at these young and innocent children. Not fully satisfied, you targeted adults, and continued your killing spree, by shooting, and killing them as well. Why?

We are America, and hurt, when one of ours suffers. On that day, you deprived not only us, but the world as well, of future Teachers, Lawyers, Preachers, Medical Doctors, Law Enforcement Officers, Medical Researchers, Humanitarians, World Leaders, etc. You have broken our hearts. Parents of these beautiful children you chose to kill, will not have the opportunity to see them grow up. No more family gatherings, birthday parties, Christmas celebrations, and listening to their shrieks as they play with their siblings, and friends. Why?

Their classmates will never see them again, their teachers will not be able to mentor them, and see the results of their labor. The City of Newtown, will forever wonder whether or not they did enough to protect these precious ones. You did this not only to the immediate families, but to us as well. Why?

You took the cowardly way out, and shot yourself. We will never know why. Don’t think for one moment, that we, the hurting ones are finished. No! We will rebound from this tragedy. We will rally around these hurting families. We will love them, pray for them, and will never abandon them. They are our family.
We hurt, but we can not fathom what these parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends continue to experience on a daily basis. The memory of these little ones, and those selfless adults, will forever be etched in their hearts, and in ours as well.

This father’s day will not be celebrated as usual, as fathers will not hear those familiar voices saying, “Happy Fathers Day Daddy!” These voices have been silenced forever, but not in the hearts of their loved ones.
May God bring comfort to these families and their friends, who have been affected deeply, by this horrendous, merciless act. God bless them all.

Love Her To Pieces!

Ah! The month of June is busting out all over! Graduations, Vacations, Outings, Road Trips, Picnics, and anything else that comes to mind. What a fabulous month. While families are getting ready to embark on these treks, there are some who are quite busy planning the most important event of their lives. It has to be, not only well planned, but also, well crafted. Nothing can go wrong. Everything has to be perfect. There’s no room for error. You are probably wondering; what in the world is he talking about? Well, we are talking about… June Weddings! The bride to be wants her wedding to be the best, the most talked about, and the most memorable event of her life. Of course, there will be other events which will demand much of her, in the ensuing years. “What about the Groom,” you may ask. Well, no one seems to pay much attention to this member of the wedding party, or other ones as well. All eyes will be focused on the Bride.

That day finally arrives; the ceremony could not have been better, the reception has been a success, and the overall unbelievable event, has captured the essence of the bride’s joyous occasion. The happy couple embarks  on their honeymoon, and upon their return, settle in for what they perceive will be, the ride of their lives. Nothing can go wrong. They are committed for life. The love they have for each other has never been equaled, or so they think.

As the first year goes by, this couple who had been in so much love, begin to feel as if the love they once felt for one another, seems to be lacking. Hey, let’s face it! This happens all the time. But, is there a remedy for this? Of course! Let me address this to the new husband. When you first married, you could not wait to get home, take your bride in your arms, and of this I am certain, you told her time and again how much you loved her. So, when did you stop professing your love for her? Did you get tired, did you think this was passé, or did you feel that she knew how you felt? Have I got news for you! You never stop! This is the love of your life. You need to constantly tell her how much you love her, but not only that, you need to tell her also, that you are still in love with her! She needs to be reassured, every day, for the rest of your married lives. You cannot take her for granted, nor should she feel that she is just there as a fixture. She is your best friend, so tell her that she is. No one, not even your family, kids, friends, job, or any other entity, is more important than her. Remember who she is!

Hey wives, you are also included in this. When the love of your life expresses his love for you, be reciprocal. Don’t just stand there, like a Venus De Milo Statue, you know, the one with no arms. Put your arms around him, and whisper sweet nothings to him. My wife and I have been married for quite some time. After all these years, she knows how much I love her, and that I’m still in love with her. She is very much aware of my deep feelings for her, because I tell her on a daily basis, that I love her, and that I’m still in love with her .

So here’s my advice to you guys: LOVE HER TO PIECES!