Thanks For The Memories, Muhammad Ali

Another Icon, gone, and never to be seen again, but one who will be remembered, for ages to come. Ali, as many came to know him, was  the greatest heavy weight boxer and champion, of all times.

Ali, the man with the ability to throw pin point punches with unbelievable speed, lightning like strikes, that we felt would be followed by thunder, which usually follows, such precision strikes. The mesmerizing, and hypnotic ability, to put opponents in a trance, as they waited for the fatal blow, akin to a Cobra, or Rattler, as they pounce on their prey.

Ali was not just a pugilist, but also an artist,  as he prepared his canvas, which was the opponent facing him. The world was ready for the master to paint another masterpiece, as he flailed his arms, and hands, in fashioned strokes, until his work of art was completed, which I refer to, as the final touch, or knockout.  His body was but a blur, which confused, angered, and at times, caused his opponents, frustration. How can one hit or even grab a moving target, with so much blinding speed? You can’t, and that’s what drove other boxers, who attempted to defeat such a phenomenon, insane.

Ali. The name alone brought fear to those who would face him in the ring, and euphoria, to those who were fortunate enough to witness such a work of art. The magician, with the gift of sleigh of hands, the rapid movements of his feet, which reminded us of a Cheetah on the prowl, and subsequent, successful defeat of its prey.

Ali, the predictor, who had the ability to determine the round, in which his opponent would go down for the count. I would venture to say, that as that round grew closer, it would gnaw at the other boxer, thus diverting his thoughts to that fateful moment.  “Oh man, I’m about to go down.” How can I prevent this from happening?”  The end would always be swift, and eventful. What would go through Ali’s mind?  One phrase. “Next!”  I had the privilege of watching one his fights, when he was an amateur. We knew then, that he was destined for greatness.

Ali. There will never be another like him. The King of Boxing is dead. Long live, the king of boxing.