The Eternal Teenager

The 50s was a unique, and  enlightening era for me.  We had the onset of rock and roll,  Elvis, Johnny Mathis, Connie Francis, et. al. To me, however, the most compelling personality was none other than Dick Clark, and his daily program, “American Bandstand.” I remember sitting in front of the “boob” tube in order to  catch not only my favorite singers, but my favorite dancers as well. I used to look forward to this daily routine. Many a dance step was learned through this medium.

I had the honor of meeting him in CA, after being chosen to appear in one of his shows, as part of the audience. What a riot that was. Will never forget that experience.

Being from NY, I would always tune in to ABC, in order to usher in the New Year with him. Sadly, 2013 will not seem the same. The ultimate teenager is gone, along with so many memories that have been ingrained in our minds.

So long Dick Clark. American Bandstand will live on forever, in our hearts.

The Eternal Teenager is gone, but the memories will linger for years to come.