New Mexico. What Happened To You?

Ahh! The land of, “Enchantment.” Beautiful, clear blue skies. Friendly people, majestic mountains, four seasons, breath taking sunsets, an array of picturesque clouds, fantastic food, of course, our green chile, and multiple churches. What else could one ask for! This the place to live. But wait just one second. There is a very dark side to this paradise.

Let’s reflect on this dark side. Despite the multiple churches, and seemingly religious atmosphere, New Mexico is riddled with a high crime volume, such as murders, corruption, fraud, sex trafficking, criminals being released back into society, and somehow interpreted by these lawbreakers, as a license to continue, “Business as usual.” The education system is at its lowest in the nation. Educators aren’t regarded as genuine educators by other states, based on my own research, and based on the aforementioned, it would appear that this state would not be a fit one to visit.

Thus far, I have touched the tip of the iceberg. Are you aware that New Mexico has been dubbed, “The Abortion Capital of this nation, if not the world? A baby can be aborted a few hours before birth, or better known as late term abortion. How can a state with so many so called Christians, be allowed to practice this heinous act? Is this a problem of a religious nature, or a political one?

Let’s look at religious nature. We Christians are dead set against abortion, and yet, laws are passed and, we don’t get involved in attempting to remedy this problem. We pray and pray, but never leave our prayer closet, and truly explore as to why this practice continues. We have built a ‘China Wall” around us, thereby preventing us to see what is really taking place outside our four walls. We need to get off our knees once we have ended our prayers, and become vociferous with respect to our beliefs, as committed Christians. Time to get involved! If we don’t, we’ll wake up one morning, and wonder why our rights have been taken from us.

Now, let’s talk politics. Our politicians have taken it upon themselves, that they know what’s best for us, and will pass legislation, contrary to what we stand for. Many of us have no clue as to what laws are being passed on a regular basis. The media paints a rosy picture about those involved in politics, and the public, including Christians, believe what’s being reported. We should all be concerned as to whether or not, New Mexico will rise to the occasion, or will continue to sink.

I had the opportunity of attending a meeting, sponsored by the Hispanic Action Network, headed by Mark Gonsalez, at the invitation of Ruben Guajardo, the third, which addressed my concerns, and had the honor of meeting a fiery young man who is currently running for the office of Attorney General, for the state of new Mexico. His name is Michael Hendricks, a gentleman whose Christian values are quite evident. In discussing the problem in our state, he indicated that as the next Attorney General, he will put a stop to late term abortion, and will crack down in a relentless way, on crimes of every nature. His take on the current situation is, that politicians as well as law enforcement agencies are too lax in carrying out their duties. He has promised to fight crime, protect our most priced possession, our innocent children, and will root-out corruption.

As a Christian, I am indignant as to what has happened to our great state. Time for us to wake up, get involved, and vote for those, whose values we embrace. I urge you, to be courageous, stand your ground, and remember…God is our protector. Do not fear, and voice your concerns, whether they be audible, or at the ballot box. God Bless You, as you take that giant leap for our state.