Should I Trust Him? Hmm!

Should I trust him? Hmm!

Car sales men. The title itself, denotes a sense of being in the middle of a bad nightmare. You contact the dealer, schedule an appointment, and when you arrive at your destination, you are seated, and told to wait for, ugh, the person who will take care of you. As you wait, you look around, and realize that you’re not alone. “Where am I?” After what it seems like hours, the sales person enters the room, greets you, and asks you to follow him. All kinds of thoughts race through your mind. You try to find an excuse to leave, but, it’s too late. You feel that this is the last walk you’ll ever take. You can almost hear someone say, “Dead man walking!”

Well, this might sound too far fetched to you, but, that’s not the case at Reliable Nissan, a local dealership located on the North West side of Albuquerque, especially in the case of Abdul Kebe, a top salesman at the aforementioned dealership. When you meet Abdul, and deal with him, it is like a dream come true. A very caring, and patient individual, who will treat you as a family member.

Approximately two years ago, I decided that the time had come to purchase a new vehicle. It was time to say good by to my old Nissan Altima, which had seen its best days. I visited Reliable, and met with a young man, named Patrick. We spoke at length, and after a back forth interaction, I decide to wait just a little longer. I felt that in order for me to get the best deal, I should shop around for a better deal, if at all possible. During this period, Patrick and I maintained contact with each other. The thing that stood out about him, is that fact that I never felt pressured by him.

Finally, and I do mean, “Finally,” and after discussing several options with my wife, it was decided that I would go back to Reliable. Upon my arrival, and having asked for Patrick, I was informed that he had been transferred to another facility, in Arizona. I stood there for a while, pondering my next move. Just then, a very friendly individual approached me, and asked how he could be of assistance. He greeted me in a very cordial manner, and we both recognized each other. That individual was Abdul, whom I had met and spoken with during my visits with Patrick.

He ushered me into his cubicle, and we began discussing the purchase of a new Nissan Altima. He was very patient, and informative. In a very methodical manner, Abdul covered all the different deals and options with respect to the purchase. After covering all the ares available, we walked over to the lot, where most of the vehicles are kept. We looked at several cars, and finally, I chose one that I felt would meet my needs. We discussed the price and whatever deal he could offer. The prices were very enticing, and very very affordable. I went home, discussed the prices, color of the car, etc. I waited approximately one week, before responding to Abdul.

This went on for about a month. I would go the dealership, speak with Abdul, see other car, discuss prices and deals, and would return the following week. After a while, I kept thinking that by this time, Abdul might be getting very tired of my inability to make up my mind. I felt that he must have thought I was just pulling his leg, and was not serious about buying a car. To the contrary, this was the furthest thing from his mind. Every time a I came to see him, he would greet me in the same manner, as if I were a new customer. To be truthful, had I been in his shoes, I would have been done with me.

The patience he demonstrated throughout this period was uncanny. He continued working with me, until I finally made up my mind, and bought a brand new car, at a very good price. After all the necessary paper work was done, Abdul introduced me to Armando Medina, a very attentive young man, in charge of preparing the necessary documents. Another patient, and caring individual. He will explain everything in detail, so as not to confuse you.

As I said in the beginning, dealing with Abdul, is like having your dream come true. I’m sure that the rest of the staff at Reliable would have treated me in a similar manner, but Abdul demonstrated, that his interest lies mostly on pleasing the customer, and providing the type service that would cause this customer to return to such a caring environment. Should I trust Him? You bet! Abdul is the type of salesman that treats you as family, not as a check in the mail. He will go out of his way to make you feel comfortable, trusting, and at peace. He will not pressure, nor will he attempt to lure you with a lot of tempting rhetoric.

We all seem to have a stigma, about car salesmen. That stigma is no longer a part of me, after having dealt with Abdul Kebe.

Copyright: Dr. Johnny Velazquez

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