Johnny is a retired counselor with a PhD, in Psychology. Upon his retirement, he decided to revive his career in the entertainment field, which has included the following: Recording Artist, Radio Broadcaster, Record Producer, Concert Promoter, Jazz Drummer, Sax Player, Key Boards, Voice Coach, and Concert Performer.
Through the years, he has worked as a studio musician, back up singer on TV, recordings, Co-host of a pilot TV show, a small part in a film, and has collaborated on various musicals. Other areas involve voice-overs, and has co-written a film script. He began blogging in 2011, and this passion has encouraged him to write tree novellas, and a children’s story, which are in the process of being published. Currently, he is co-writing a book with his cousin, a published author, and working on a film project.

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      • Now you need to add social media buttons! Use about.me to create a page, then use the about.me widget. It’s all free, but takes some time. To see the results, check out my page. You’ve been to my blog already, so you should recognize my widget and my about.me page. This is an actual site!


    • Yes, I was, too, when I did mine. It was the same thing as setting up my LI and BrandYourself profiles. Long, boring, and tedious. But worth it. The good thing is that you only have to do it once. 🙂

      I found that organizing all the places that I’m online in a new folder in my bookmarks on my browser helped me find things more easily, too.

      You’re a PHD dude, so I’m sure you have some organizational skills already! Hop to it! 😉


  1. Hi Johnny! Wanted to drop by after you kindly visited me at ‘A View From My Summerhouse’ and I am so glad as I think your blog is very interesting. I will return shortly to read more of your posts but for now just wanted to let you know that I have signed to follow you back. Have a lovely day 🙂


    • Oh no! I thought I had. Where did I go wrong? Did you get a chance to read my latest post with respect to 9/11? Let me know what you think. Also, please let me know again, what I need to do. Blessings. Johnny



  2. Ah, so you’re a psych person. While I don’t have any specific spiritual training (which is what I thought you were asking me on my blog), my bachelor’s degree was in Emotional Impairments. I have never taught EI kids specifically (right now, I work primarily with students with Learning Disabilities and Autism), but I do have a strong psych background, from my bachelor’s. But most of what I’ve learned, I learned over the past year, after an extremely dark winter.

    Anyway, interesting blog. I look forward to reading more! 🙂


    • Thank you for the comments. I haven’t been involve in any counseling since I closed shop. Close to 40 years. That’s a long time. I can’t say that I miss it, but if the need should arise, I will be there for that one in need. Keep up the good work. You are the one these children do relate to. I salute you. Blessings.


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