Corona Virus, VS God

Greetings, in the name of the Lord. I’m Dr.Johnny Velazquez, and my wife and I are faithful members of The Kings House. (Casa Del Rey) I would like to chat with you, with respect to the turmoil we are facing at the present. I would also like to outline, and discuss a few of the senses God has placed in each one of us, and how to use them during these trying times. As we apply these God given areas, we will be able to understand, how to cope with any adversities. Let us begin from a human perspective of how we perceive the world around us.

Sight, or vision. The ability of the eyes to perceive images of visible light. What a wonderful gift, where one can see the glory of God all around us. The vastness of the heavens, the array of the beauty God has prepared for us in order that we might enjoy His handy work every day. What a wonderful phenomenon. The enemy does not want us to see God’s glory manifested throughout the earth, so what does he do? He brings chaos, as he attempts to transform our outlook.

You venture outside, and instead of basking in His glory, all you see is bedlam, or a state of confusion, havoc, unbelief, doom, as registered on individuals, running amok. It feels like a stampede of animals without hope, or sheep without a shepherd to guide them. What is happening to us? How do we fix this, or who can save us from this impending doom?

Well, God did not give us sight to see negativism. Ask Him to help you see this current situation, through His eyes, or have Him open your spiritual eyes. Once you have done this, and have totally yielded to His will, open your eyes, and by faith, see Him destroy this hidden enemy, without any efforts. See what will take place. Instead of mayhem, you will see calm. Instead of confusion, you will see redirection. Instead of havoc, you will see unity.

Hearing, the quickest sense of all, also known as audition, is another great gift given to us by God, which allows us to hear through vibrations in the ear canal. Again, the enemy, via this malady that has swept the world, wants you to focus on what’s been verbalized by the mainstream media. You turn on the TV, and all you hear is doom and gloom. “We are in for the roughest ride of our lives” You go to the market or other areas, and the public is heard talking about how this will never end, how many of us will perish, how we are running out of supplies, etc. Well, again, let me remind you that there is a powerful voice that says, “Do not fear, be still and know that I am God.”

Instead of concentrating on the negative perception, spewed by those who would want you to panic, and embrace despair, listen to the men of God who are voicing victory, and the positive words of God that resonate with us. Open your ears to His voice, and His promises. He will never forsake you. When things look gloomy to you, go to Him for peace of mind, and He will direct your steps. Listen to that small still voice, which has the power to turn your sorrow into joy. Rejoice in the fact that He, and He alone holds the future. Do not fret, nor remain fearful at what the enemy has done. Remember, God is in control, and no matter what you hear, He will see you through.

Taste, also known as gestation, is the ability to taste good, and bad, dangerous chemicals that would kill us if we are not careful. The corona Virus has left a bitter taste in our mouths. Let me explain. When fear strikes, the words that come out of your mouth, do leave a bitter taste, as you are now a child of the living God, and your language has taken a turn for the best. Negative responses to this situation, takes possession of your verbal capabilities, and you begin to speak negativism to those around you. Instead of bringing hope to them, you make them feel hopeless, and as you continue this pattern, your words become bitter to those who hear them. I would advise you to pray, and listen to what the Lord would have you say. By doing so, bitter words will become, soothing ones, filled with hope, encouragement, and sweet tasting to all.

I leave you with this. We have to follow the law of the land. We must be alert, cautious, and wise. But through all this, rise up, and see the Glory of the Lord, See what awaits you, and know that the best is yet to come. Hear the praises brought forth by those who are constantly elevating His name, and power. Leap for joy, as you taste the sweetness of His love for us. Remember, He has set a table in the presence of your enemies. God will not let us down. His love for us is unwavering. Victory in Jesus. He holds the future.

God bless you and your loved ones, and may He also Bless our President, and the United States of America.