No, I’m not yelling, I’m just making a “Bold Statement.”

Some of you will be offended, and will ask, “Why bring your beliefs into our holiday?” Have I got news for you! To quote a famous TV personality, this is how she answered that mundane question. “We bring our beliefs to your so-called, holiday, because without Christ, Christmas would not exist.” So truthful.
I love what Christmas stands for, which is the birth of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I can not, and will never succumb to the whims of those who would attempt to dispel this truth.

In order for you to grasp what I’m trying to convey, allow me to draw you a scenario. Many can’t hardly wait for the month of October, for to them, this is the time of the year, they have been waiting for, in order to celebrate their holiday, which is, Halloween. They go all out with respect to decorations. They will say to me, “Happy Halloween.” They never say, happy holiday. They call their day what it is, Halloween. I don’t get offended, nor do I threaten to sue them.

Thanksgiving, a favorite of mine is also celebrated. People will say, “Happy Thanksgiving.” Again, they call this festive day, by its proper name, Thanksgiving. I haven’t heard any one say, or utter the phrase, “Happy Holiday” in this regard.

Now, why in the world, would the so called politically correct crowd, which I prefer to call, politically wrong crowd, be so adamant on insisting that we say, Happy Holidays, when we are referring to Christmas? Why do they persist in their efforts to remove Christ from Christmas? This is the only festive phrase that has become verboten in this country.
Well, I’ll continue to wish everyone, A Blessed Merry Christmas. Try not to get offended. You have your beliefs, which I respect, and for which I served in the Military, in order to preserve your rights. Well, I have my rights also, so try to go along with my beliefs, and when you hear someone say, Merry Christmas, just smile. You don’t have to respond. Just enjoy the ride.


10 thoughts on “MERRY CHRISTMAS

  1. Definitely….MERRY CHRISTMAS…AND I AM…YELLING. hope you heard. I taught for 35 years, and every year we had the…Christmas Concert…which later was renamed..Winter Concert. My own class presented plays which they wrote…comedy but often with a Christmas spirit. I was in charge as well…of a Junior Choir of over 250 voices, singing “Let There Be Peace on Earth”,…..”These are a Few of My Favourite Things”, but also.. songs like “Do You See What I See”. My school in Toronto was definitely multi-national, but we always got…a repeat standing ovation…and even people crying because their voices…made the hair tingle. I was raised Christian, but also to have an open searching mind, and as the teacher, the interest in the beliefs of my families. I had children come into my class directly from those unimaginable horrors in Kosovo…children who witnessed parents murdered in front of them. so……Let there be peace on earth….and let it begin…with me.


  2. So true, so true. Christ is the enemy of Satan and the darkside will go to any extent to eradicate any thought of Jesus from the mind of the world. I am not interested in political correctness or not offending others, but I just want to defend my Lord and Savior.

    Tossing It Out


    • Happy New Year, Lee. Always good to hear from you. Sorry for the delay. I also want to defend my Lord. If they don’t like it, well, tough. I’ll continue as I have always done. Blessings.


  3. Thanks for following my blog. Two of my posts come to my mind that might relate to you. Please check out “Christmas In The 50s” and “Al Di La,”(101414). Many blessings to you.


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