Thank You!

Viet Nam Era Veteran. The phrase itself is frowned upon by a vast number of individuals, namely those who still view said veterans as baby killers, war mongers, and so forth. To the families of these veterans, it brings back memories of loved ones lost forever, to the casualties of war. To many of these veterans, it is a constant reminder of the hatred, lack of respect, psychological and physical maladies, and unfathomable insults, they have had to endure through the years. We veterans from that era are not looking for accolades, pats in the back, nor any grandiose recognition. A simple thank you for your service, and welcome home, will suffice. That’s all we are asking for.

A few weeks ago, while searching for the best deals on tires for my car, I contacted a number of dealers. When I asked whether or not they had special deals for veterans, they all had similar answers, “Sorry, we don’t.” A veteran does not give up that easily, therefore, I pressed on. I finally had a positive response from a very amiable young man, whose name is Freddie Montes, Service Manager at Big O Tires. Imagine my surprise when he indicated that they do honor veterans, and do have special rates for them, even on items that are on sale. I was floored!

We scheduled an appointment for the following day. Upon my arrival, Freddie greeted me as a long lost friend, thanked me for serving my country, and welcomed me home! Wow! Is this kid for real? I venture to say, “Yes!” There’s still hope for America. We chatted for a while, and needless to say, Big O hit the jackpot when they hired him.
Not only is he a totally dedicated employee, but one who is currently furthering his education, in order to better serve his employer. Freddie conducted a thorough inspection of the tires, brakes, and the under carriage. Once this was completed, one of his workers proceeded to install the much needed tires. A front end, and rear end alignment was performed, as well.
The vehicle was test driven by the technician who performed the alignments, and results were reported as positive.

Prior to releasing the vehicle to me, Freddie described in detail, what was inspected, and what might be in need of repairs. He went over the total cost, which also entailed the percentage given to veterans. To say how pleased I was, does not begin to describe my elation. As I prepared to leave the premises, Freddie thanked me one more time, and repeatedly told me to bring the vehicle to the shop, should any of the work done, not be up to standard.

If you happen to be in the area, and find yourself in a desperate need with respect to vehicle repairs, do visit this shop, which I highly recommend. They are located at: 1560 Deborah Road SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124. Go and see Freddie, you won’t regret it. Give them a call. (505) 892-6622.

Thank you Big O. The positive treatment I received from you, and Freddie, has said to me in a loud voice, THANK YOU, AND WELCOME HOME! That’s what we veterans want to hear.


11 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. That is so wonderful. I really like the fact the bill was broken down so you could see what your savings were as a vet. Nothing was hidden. Now that is refreshing.

    You would be surprised how many places will give special deals to veterans and senior citizens. You have to asked, because it is not advertised.


  2. What I find remarkable about this story is that it is remarkable. What you describe should be the standard in good customer service. The fact that it was difficult for you to find this level of attention and that Freddie stood out from all the others saddens me a bit. I have no doubt, based on how you described him, that Freddie would have instituted a veteran’s discount on the spot if Big O didn’t have one already. He seems like that saavy of a customer rep! Thank you for the story and thank you for your service!


    • Thank you Bill, for your very moving comment. I truly believe as you, that Freddie would have come through for me, no matter what. One of the things I like about New Mexico, is the state wide recognition, we veterans enjoy. It is amazing. On Veteran’s Day, the majority of restaurants, and I do mean, the good ones, offer free breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to Vets. What a great get together we have. Take care my friend, and Blessings.


  3. I would also like to thank you. I’m from the era but being female, I didn’t have to serve. Although I thought and still think that war should not have had anything to do with the US, it surely is not the fault of the people who served or are serving now.


    • Thank you so much for your comments. It was a war we should have finished. We were not allowed to win. As a soldier, you are trained to defeat the enemy, accomplish your mission, and return home. The powers that be were mostly interested in enemy body counts. What a waste of human life. Don’t get me wrong.We don’t ask where we are going, we just go. I was proud to have served. Blessings.


  4. I hope Freddy and his shop get lots of business due to your feedback. And you’re right, this should be standard practice.
    I was a recruiting manager for the 2010 census in the U.S. When recruiting begins in 2018 for the 2020 census, I’d like to announce that the pay is great for temporary work that lasts up to two years and preference is given to veterans!
    Several of my classmate (class of 32 kids) served in Vietnam. And one of the nicest guys has his name etched on the memorial wall in D.C.
    Thank you for your service and I’m glad you made it back.


    • Thank you. We Veterans appreciate such kind words. Yes, I do hope that Freddy is doing well. I lost quite a few brothers, in Nam. By brothers, I’m referring to my Army Brothers. I served proudly, and would do it again. It is an honor to serve your country. BTW, I truly enjoy your posts. Never know where you’re coming from. Blessings.


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