Can I trust You?

In an era filled with scam artists, involved in Ponzi schemes, outrageous charges for work not performed by so called professional technicians, such as, auto mechanics, plumbers, electricians, heating, and air conditioning techs, can only wonder as to who can be trusted in this day and age. I have encountered such individuals, who will steep so low as to scam their own mothers, if given the opportunity. These are what I would call, “the scum of the earth.” as they have no empathy for anyone. Their selfish, negative behaviors leave no room for any benevolence. “I’ll do unto you, but don’t you dare do unto me.” Nice attitude… huh?

Who are their victims? Their ages seem to vary, depending on the need of that particular person. Let’s take for instance, an older woman, living by herself, with no one to assist her. Her car goes out of commission, her refrigerator stops working, and to top it all, the plumbing system in her house decides to clog up. I would venture to say, that she has become a prime target for scam artists. She is at their mercy, if the wrong people show up at her house. This is a continuous occurrence that targets people of all ages.It’s a crying shame that, “A bad apple can spoil the whole bushel,” as the saying goes.
This is not to say that all techs are rotten. There are some honest to goodness individuals, who constantly perform excellent work, as needed. Their reputations are on the line, as well as their sense of pride, benevolence, and overall, outlook in life. These are the ones who see themselves in the mirror everyday, like what they see, and do feel good about how they treat their fellowmen.

There is a company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, whose employees fit this honest techs. category. I’m talking about, Courtesy. This company is in the business of Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning repairs.. My air conditioner stopped working for about three days. Needless to say, these were miserable days, due to the intense heat in this city. After various attempts on my own to remedy the problem, I decided to contact close friends, in the hopes of finding a technician who could be trusted. One of my friends suggested that I contact, Courtesy. I was told that they would inspect the a/c unit, pinpoint the problem, and concentrate on that particular area. Contact was established, a tech came to my house, the problem was detected, and immediately rectified. Out of curiosity, I asked whether or not he had found any other problems. The tech indicated that all was well. By the way, his name is, Phil Mares, an honest to goodness technician. Will I recommend this company, Courtesy? You bet. They have my vote.

As you can well see, there are some righteous technicians out there who can truly be trusted. Perhaps they can change that negative saying, “A bad apple spoils the whole bushel,” to, “A good apple can influence the rest of the bushel.”
Well, that’s my take on trust. Sadly, there are those who will continue to suck the life out of those they deem, as the weak ones. What is your take? You are welcome to comment.

Mention of this business was approved by one of the reps, Dayna. The technician, Phil was made aware also.


9 thoughts on “Can I trust You?

  1. People often are quick to publicize the negative, but don’t do the same for the positive. Great post. I hope the company gets lots of new business.
    Thank you for enjoying 1950 Suburban Adventures. Much appreciated.


  2. Thank for what you wrote…it was nice….
    i have a business of my own…i wash window….i do take personal pride at what i do….i do not like charging too much to do a job….and i informed my customers the reason why they do or dont need the windows wash every week or just once amonth…they have a business to save money not lose it on something they dont need…my customers loves me….


  3. I may just be lucky but for the most part I have received great service from the suppliers I engage. Whether I’m dealing with writers, designers, or home renovation folks most are hard workers who have produced great results for me. There are always a few people who just don’t want to rise to the occasion, but they don’t color my world.


    • Hi Debra, Thank you for your comments. You are so right. Those who will not rise to the occasion, are the real losers. They don’t color my world either, but they do muddle the world of the honest dealers. Thanks. Blessings.


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