Lisa and Toni, Two Exceptional Sisters

Toni and I

Please welcome Lisa fender, and Toni Burns, as my guests today. Their fantasy fiction novel debuted two weeks ago, and I’m looking forward to determine, why these sisters would want to collaborate, on their first writing venture, not only on this book,  but a series of books to follow.The name of the book is Fable – Book 1 of the Lorn Prophecy. I believe it will prove to be a popular fiction story. It’s fun, action packed, full of magic, and not to mention a love story intertwined.


Let’s find out what started this journey, and where it might lead. Please leave comments or questions for them. They will be checking in periodically to answer them and on, 06/28/2013,  they will gather your names, put them in a hat and draw a winner for a giveaway of a copy of their book, signed, and a Starbucks card with 10 bucks on it. So,  join in on the conversation.
What brought you two together to write a series of books? First of all, thanks for having us on your blog, Johnny! We look forward to our blog tour and hope that some of your followers come to the other sites to be a part of the fun. The links will be on my blog:
The way we became co-authors was from me asking my sister Toni to help me with editing. I had written the rough-draft a year or so before and after a lot of struggling with creative writing, I decided to hire a writing coach. After working with Janet Roots, my coach, for 9 months, I joined her meet-up writing group and my writing began to get better. Toni began to come over and it turned out she was learning right along with me.
As we continued this process, she found she was having fun with the story and became more involved with ideas and images of how this would all come out. I asked her to be my co-author because she was putting in a lot of extra time, and  had fallen in love with the story. I felt she deserved the recognition right along with me, so here we are 4 and a half years after I first sat down and wrote this story. And, let me tell you, we are having a lot of fun with it!
When will the next book come out? Oh yes, the question of the day. We have not only decided to write a series, but we are also adding novellas in between each novel about the Djenrye world we have created. Each one will talk about certain events in their history and the people involved. We want this world to take on a life of its own. The first novella (side story) should be out this fall. It is halfway finished now. Of course it’s a shorter story than the novels, but filled with action and a little more imagination of the world we’ve created.
The second novel is planned for next year, I am hoping in the Spring, but it might not be until Summer. I have written the first 32 chapters of it, but it needs some work.
So tell us a little about the book. It’s about a girl named Stevie Barrett, who grows up in Golden, Colorado. She leads a simple life and has two best friends, Jack and Alyssa. Things start happening to her. A strange being is watching her from outside her window with blue eyes that shine out. Her mother is attacked at her place of business and Stevie is having reoccurring dreams of being chased by those she cannot see, that are shooting arrows at her.
Then right before her graduation from high school, she has a ‘waking’ vision, where she becomes this other woman running for her life in an archaic world. Before she knows it, she finds herself on a quest for an Orb, one of five, which belong to these people called the Djen. She meets new friends and falls in love. The only obstacle is she is being hunted by a group called the Rebellion who wants to beat her to this Orb, kill her, and take over her new found legacy. She finds herself running for her life and having to make a choice that could possibly save both worlds from total destruction.
That does sound like an exciting book! I’m looking forward to reading it. Is there anything else you can tell us about you two? Well, we are both married, and we both have two kids each. I also have two grandkids. We love living in Colorado. We both enjoy hiking, reading, and good sci-fi/fantasy movies or TV shows. Toni enjoys riding her motorcycle with her husband on road trips,  on the other hand, my husband and I love camping and going to the hot springs in Buena Vista, but we both relish in all the amenities of living in this wonderful state. Oh, and we both are big dog fans! I have one dog and she has two.
Thanks for coming on my blog and sharing your book and telling us about yourselves. I will be reading your first in the series. Don’t forget to leave us your contact links so that my followers will be able to find you and your book(s). Thanks again Johnny, and we look forward to your followers comments. We will be sure to answer them.

  These links will allow you to find Lisa, Toni, and their book(s).  




10 thoughts on “Lisa and Toni, Two Exceptional Sisters

  1. Nice to see Lisa and Toni on your blog, Johnny.

    I like that you all have projected your story into a series with offshoots of novellas as well. That’s a good marketing approach I think.

    Now to see if my brothers would like to collaborate with me. Oh yeah, that would be a hoot! I’d do all the work.

    Best wishes for success of the series.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog


  2. Thanks for leaving a comment Gene! And, thanks for wishing us the best with our story. Yes, Johnny is a great guy and we do appreciate him wanting to have us as a guest on his blog! I wish you success in all that you do as well!


    • Hi Lisa, My friend Gene, was a celebrity back in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. He used to be on that TV show, “Laugh In.” He also worked with Sammy Davis, in Vegas. Great friend. Blessings. Johnny



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