Is It Poison?

What is that up in the sky? What’s been jettisoned by those massive jet planes way up there? I don’t have the answers, but of this I am certain, there has to be a high government official, who knows without a doubt, what that daily dose of spraying is doing to us, and the environment.

In 2006, my wife and I moved back to New Mexico, “The Land of Enchantment,” with its beautiful clear blue skies, continuous sunny days, a landscape that is to die for, and its overall attractiveness. The nights are majestic, and the bright, beautiful stars seem to hover just above you, giving you the feeling that you can just reach up, and actually touch each one of them. As you gaze at this awe inspiring splendor, you can only stare in disbelief, at the magnificence of God’s handy work. We also enjoy the four seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. What more could one ask for!
We returned to this beautiful area, because we had had enough of the L.A area, with its ever present smog, traffic congestions, and daily drudgery. We settled in, and began enjoying our retirement. We could hardly contain ourselves, as we began our new and exciting journey. This part of the country is filled with so much history, dating back to the Spanish settlers. Every where you look, you do find a piece of history. We also renewed long time friendships as well.

Not long after we settled in, we noticed a couple of jet planes, flying high above our clear blue skies. As I observed closer, I notice a plume of vapor being jettisoned into the atmosphere, from the rear of these aircrafts. I quickly inquired as to this disturbing sight, and was advised that these were merely contrails. This response set my mind at ease, as these are triggered by the vapor in the exhaust system. I also noticed that these tended to dissipate quickly.
Well, six years later, these disturbing sights have now become the everyday norm. The so called contrails are now Chemtrails, or deposits left by these aircrafts that are, or may be considered as chemicals, or biological agents, deliberately sprayed at high altitudes.
There are many unanswered questions in this regard. Some theorists indicate that the government is merely spraying in order to cool the planet. Yeah, right! Other theorists indicate that these spraying episodes are intended to rid this country of cockroaches. Really! I had no idea that these bugs could fly so high!

At the onset of these spraying episodes, I thought that they were restricted to New Mexico. Wrong! I have researched this matter thoroughly, and find that this is a world wide intrusion into our daily lives. The beautiful skies over New Mexico have become saturated with man made, fake clouds. These individuals don’t seem to appreciate clear blue skies. On clear days, we would go outside, and just enjoy our environment. Now, all we see are ugly, malformed, man made clouds. Sometimes you will see from four to seven aircrafts, dumping who knows what, into our atmosphere.

Why doesn’t the government come clean, and tell us what is the truth behind this daily spraying. Are we in grave danger or what? Should we be concerned? Are you also experiencing this daily activity in your part of the country, or for that matter the world?
We need answers, but I personally don’t expect any. What are your thoughts?


5 thoughts on “Is It Poison?

  1. Well Johnny,

    We have them here in southern UT. I am witness to it all the time. It doesn’t happen daily, but it does happen a lot. It does not kill cockroaches either because we have tons of them in our backyard every night in the summers. What a bunch of hooey! The government must think we are all stupid! I don’t trust, nor would I put anything past the government. They are probably hoping to reduce the population some kind of way, so who knows what that is.

    I hope more people will weigh in on this, as it would be interesting to see if this is only taking place in this part of the world.

    The scenery is gorgeous here. There is no doubt about that, but I hate the cold winters and am a bit leery about all the radioactive soil that must be around here because of all the nuclear testing back in the fifties. When you read the paper, there are many people dying of cancer around here (ones that grew up here). I know it takes years for that kind of stuff to dissipate and this corner of the state was downwind from all that back then. We have some horrendous dust storms, so stay inside during those. It is a lot like Sedona around here.

    We moved here in 2004 from the San Diego area. A lot of times, I wish I was back there, traffic, smog, illegals, or whatever. We never had smog like LA though.



  2. Thanks Sunni for this article. Here in Toulouse, France I haven’t noticed any spraying… but plenty of sky trails…I mostly notice them in my house in the Dordogne 1/2 hour from Périgueux…there we are on the plane route from the South West of France and Spain to Paris and London…very high up though.


  3. I have often wondered the same thing! I have many books on all sorts of happenings that get my mind wondering. I was born and raised Catholic…. Love my beliefs and also love reading about yours!
    God Bless, Melinda


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