The Three Women In My Life

You must be wondering whether or not there are other women in my immediate family, who are close to me. Of course! The three I’m referring to, are my wife, my biological mom, and my mother-in-law. Mother-in- law, you ask? Evidently they never had the privilege of meeting mine. Stay tuned, and read on. You’ll understand why.

The first I would like to recognize is my beautiful lovely wife. When God created her, He broke the mold. How do I begin to describe her! Well, let me start with the following. She has a special love for God, her family, which includes mine, her friends, and even those she does not know personally. She is very caring, genuine, and has a heart of gold. Throughout the years, I have seen her bless so many needy individuals, through her caring, and selfless attitude. She truly represents what a Godly woman should be.
I love this woman, my wife, beyond belief. She has been there for me, through thick and thin, to say the least. Next to God, she has been a pillar of strength, and a guiding light, through my struggles, aspirations, and overall journey. She has been my biggest support with respect to my visionary treks, and has been my loudest cheerleader. I have been amazingly blessed. After all these years of married bliss, I can still say, that I continue to be in love with her. What a wonderful gift from God. Can not thank Him enough! Oh, I need to mention that she is quite the artist! I couldn’t be prouder.

What can I say about my biological mother! The following should say it all. “Thank you Lord, for allowing me to be born to such a wonderful, and loving mom.” She nurtured me, and spoiled me rotten! So what! She loved doing things for me. She was my Heroine! There was nothing she would not do for me. Her sacrifices are to numerous to describe. She really loved the family, and her actions demonstrated that love, for everyone to see. There was never a dull moment in the household, as a result of her wit, and overall perception of life. What a Godly woman she was. Caring, loving, giving, and always prepared to render any assistance those less fortunate. I honor her memory every day, not just on Mother’s Day. She deserves that high honor. Sadly, (for me, but not for her), she went to be with the Lord in 2002, at age 93. I still miss her, to this day.

There are so many cruel jokes about mothers-in-law. Evidently, they never met mine. She was “mom’ to me, my second mom. My family loved her not only because she was my mom-in-law, but because they also felt a genuine love for her. What’s not to love! I became her son when I married her daughter. She became my mom as well, a lovely person, with a heart of gold. Mom’s primary concern was her family, and you would always find her praying for their well being. Those who met her for the first time loved her immediately, because of who she was. She always had something nice to say about everyone. I never heard a cross word come out of her mouth. What a woman of God she was. I used to tell her sons, that I was her favorite. That’s the way I felt. I will never forget that motherly love she had for me. I also reciprocated that love that she demonstrated for me. She also went to be with the Lord, in 2010, at age 100, three months shy of her 101 birthday. I miss my “mom” also.

There you have it. The love that I have for these three women will never wane. They are very special to me. How I love them! The three women in my life!


6 thoughts on “The Three Women In My Life

    • Thank you Lisa. I had a fantastic role model, my dad. How is your sister? I tried to leave a comment on you last post, but, could not. Have a great weekend! Blessings. Johnny



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