When the emperor of Japan approved the attack on Pearl Harbor, on 12/07/41, the military gave little thought about how America would react to this senseless attack. Their feeling was that this country, with its vast racial make up, would not fight for one another. They actually thought, that we, as a country, would just look the other way, and let the rest of the populace, fend for themselves. Wow! Were they wrong! In fact, it has been reputed that Marshall Admiral, Yamamoto, uttered the following words, after that cowardly attack, “I fear that all we have done, is to awaken a sleeping giant.” How right he was.
On 9/11, our enemies must have thought the same thing, as another cowardly attack was perpetrated on us. They thought that we would talk about this act, and in time, forget about it, and go on our merry way. Again, we as a nation, set aside our differences, and took care of business. We showed them who we are, a very resilient people.
Now, someone is testing the waters again. Don’t they realize by now, that we are a very large family, and when one of ours is attacked, we rise up, and woe to the ones who would dare hurt one of our family members? Just because we don’t agree on just about everything, and at times, appear to hate each other, does not mean that we won’t defend one another. The attack on Boston this past Monday, April 15, 2013, will be considered, as one, against this very cohesive family. Mark my words, the culprit, and others behind this act, will be found, and will pay for their treacherous act. They may have attempted to instill fear in our hearts, but I must remind them, , that we are strong, God is on our side, and we shall rebound from this latest set back. A word of advice to those who think we are weaklings. “Don’t mess with us. We are a mighty, God fearing nation, and you don’t want to test its full might.” Allow me to indicate who we actually are, E Pluribus Unum. “Out of many, we are one.” That’s who we are.
These cowards might have thought that people in Boston would not react as they did. The world witnessed the resilience, and courage of those closest to the victims. The way they put their own lives on the line, for these hurting brothers, and sisters. These heroes were not thinking as to whether or not, another bomb would go off next to them. Their primary concern was the immediate medical attention needed at that moment. These is America. The world has seen what we are made off. God Bless the people of Boston, the victims, and their families. God Bless this great nation, AMERICA!


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