Can I trust You Also?

I woke up this morning, the 16th of July, 2013, prepared, as many would say, “to conquer the world.” Yeah right! I guess it all depends on what world you’re referring to. It was a beautiful morning, the weather was somewhat crisp, and cloudy, with a few dark clouds, hovering over our majestic New Mexico skies.

My wife and I have a daily ritual which consists of the following. We print out a daily crossword puzzle, prepare some Chai Tea, read the Bible before delving into our routine, and once we are settled in, we work on our puzzle. This particular morning, we drank our tea, and guess what! No puzzle. What! How can this be! Then I remembered why. This was the day I would take my car to the, ugh, dreaded auto mechanic’s shop. As I thought about it, my heart began to beat a bit faster than normal, my hands became sweaty, my speech somehow hurried, and my anxiety level, also elevated. I reminded myself that I was not going to the hospital for any major surgery, I wasn’t going to appear before the judge, or worse yet, work on the yard. I was going to the auto mechanic’s shop, that’s all!

Now, you might wonder__ what is so bad about visiting your local, friendly shop? What harm can come out of this? Aha! Glad you asked.
Whenever that little light comes on in your car, the first thing that comes to mind is_ how much is this going to COST ME! You have no idea as to why that little light is on, but you certainly know why that light goes on, in your wallet. So, you resign yourself to the inevitable, drive to your prescheduled appointment, and truly hope that the cost will be minimal. That’s what I did, but along the way, my defensive mechanism shifted into high gear, and I was ready for my confrontation with the cigar chomping manager. I was as ready as can be. I felt bigger than life, stronger, wiser, and prepared to counter-punch.

I arrived at the shop, “Just Brakes”, located on the corner of Montano, and Coors Blvd. in Albuquerque, NM. The parking area was filled with quite a few cars. I walked into the shop, my adrenalin was on speed dial, and as I stepped into the waiting area, I was greeted by a young and friendly, “Hercules.” This guy was built like a body builder. His smile was not what we would call as, grinning from ear to ear. It was more like, from wall to wall. The immediate thought that came to mind was, that I had walked into the middle of a photo shoot. Surely, this cannot be one of the workers. They must be shooting an ad. I stepped out briefly, looked at the sign again, and sure enough, it read, Just Brakes. I finally realized that I was indeed, in the right place, but who in the world is this body builder? I walked in once again, greeted the customers in the area, and was again greeted by Mr. Hercules. By the way, his name is Chris Castillo, and he is the Albuquerque Group Manager for this company. And yes, I kept waiting for him to pull out a cigar butt, and chomp on it. To my relief, none of this took place.

I gave him my name, and right away he addressed me by my first name. So far so good. We chatted for a few minutes, I provided the required information, and once we were finished, another worker came in, introduced himself as Chad, and asked for my car keys. We walked out together, as I was not letting MY CAR out of sight. As we approached the car, another worker greeted me. He introduced himself as Aurelio, and told me that he would be test driving it. Sounded good to me. Chad and I went back to the waiting room, and another worker, by the name the of Jesus informed me that he would perform the preliminaries, once Aurelio had test-driven the car. I figured that I couldn’t go wrong, if someone named Jesus worked on my car.

Seeing so many seemingly satisfied customers, I decided to get their opinions regarding Just Brakes. They all voiced similar sentiments. I was assured that these were honest technicians, and they would only conduct repairs, as needed, no more, and no less. Quite a satisfied group.

These technicians worked on my car, went beyond what I expected, the results were amazing, and to top it all, I was not charged one dime. The reason being, that I had taken my car to Just Brakes the previous year, and they honored the warranty. I had no idea that all the work that was performed, would be free of charge. I inquired as to this, and Chris, the manager, indicated that they do honor their warranties, no questions asked.I must say also, that a thorough check was done on the car, and no additional, “repairs” were deemed necessary. Was I pleased with the whole process? You had better believe it!

I do recommend these Techs, at Just Brakes. They are honest, knowledgeable, friendly, meticulous, and you won’t find any of them chomping down on cigar butts.
From Chris, the Mgr. to Chad, Jesus, and Aurelio, these are the ones I will visit, the next time I encounter any problems with my car. Allow me to give you their information. Just Brakes, 4311 Montano Rd. NW.. Albuquerque, NM 87120 Store #011.
This is my take on another honest company. Comments are most welcomed.

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34 thoughts on “Can I trust You Also?

    • Hi Julia, Blessings. Yes,it’s good to know that honest ones do exist. God’s hand was in this. Once in a while, I do like to recognize those who perform honest work. They are deserving of it. Blessings.

  1. So often, people only take the time to write or call when there is a complaint. It’s so nice to see something positive. I hope the company gets lots of referral work from this post. And I’m happy you had a great experience.

    • I believe in giving credit, where credit is due. Sadly, only a handful of companies deserve this credit. Thank you for your comments. Blessings. BTW, I do enjoy your posts. They bring back great memories.

    • Hi Andy. Thank you for your comments. You are so right. We should not be surprised when we run into something as good, but there are those who will continue to play by their own set of rules. Blessings.

  2. I really like that they all introduced themselves and engaged you, not just your car. The smile doesn’t hurt either :) Glad all of your anxiety transformed into enough relief to prompt you to write a post. It’s easy to complain, it’s important to say thanks.

    • No idea as to why your comment had not been approved. Thank you. Yes, it is rare that they would see me, and not the car, which represented the money I would be doling out. I have maintained contact with these techs. They found out that I am a retired Behavior Therapist, and once in a while, some will contact me, asking for advice, which I freely give. Blessings.

  3. It’s awesome to here a raving fan! I used to facilitate customer service training and found some of the statistics fascinating. Each unhappy customer on average tells 9 other people and represents 6 others who are also not happy but not talking about it. Someone happy, like you, usually only tells 2 to 3 people.

    Either way, when you have the blogging pulpit, your influence is farther reaching.

    Thanks for sharing a positive customer service story of the best kind!

    • Hi Patricia. Thank you. As I have indicated in the past. Dishonesty is much more widely discussed than honesty. If I find that you are truly honest, then by all means, you deserve the notoriety you have merited. Honesty needs to be championed. Blessings.

  4. Hey Agent 54. Boy, do I get a kick out of your posts! Love them. Thank you for commenting on this post. When I told these workers about my intentions with respect to my blog, I also told them, that I wanted to be on a first name basis with them. In other words, when you see me, don’t see money in your pockets, but rather, a customer in need of assistance. Blessings.

  5. I think what is interesting is that we tend to have a perceived idea pf what is going to happen. Sadly our information comes from friends, family and our own past experiences. It may not even be that you had a bad experience in the past with a body, but your were armed and ready. I am happy that you found the auto shop to be more than expected and I admire the fact that you are supporting them. It puts your faith back into human race.

    • Thank you Arleen. There comes a time when you need to trust some one, otherwise, you’ll be all alone, without any one to turn to. Thank God there are still some individuals with a sense of honesty. Blessings.

  6. Interestingly, I was living in the Albuquerque area and very close to the place you mention, until quite recently. I never had the occasion to visit Just Brakes but I’m glad you had that experience. There are LOTS of honest people with integrity and when you have integrity yourself, you draw those individuals in to your life.

    • Thank you for your comments. I found this place by chance, and I did take one. These people deserve positive feedback. We have developed a good relationship, and I do feel confident, that any problems I encounter in the future,, will be taken care of, with honesty. BTW, we love Albuquerque. Blessings.

  7. I have been in the position where a garage thought “Oh just a woman” until they wronged me and tried to double charge me. I immediately went to the management and handled myself professionally. I am so glad you found a shop that is honest. Since then my husband and I have found a wonderful mechanic who treats us like a friend.

    • Isn’t it nice, when you are able to drop off your auto, and know for a fact, that your problem will be resolved by honest technicians? Glad you were able to find an honest shop. Blessings.

  8. When i started reading, i thought it isn’t going to end well. I am happy it did :-D

    I LOVE stumbling upon such companies (in whatever sector of business). It is so hard these days to find companies you actually enjoy going to and paying for their services (or not ;-))

    I am using a one-guy auto shop for my car, a friend of mine actually, and while i am pretty happy with his services and prices, i guess i would never get such customer service and attention (and warranties!) like you did with Just Breaks shop. Great post, thanks for sharing – it’s nice to hears positive testimonials once in a while :-)

    • Hi Diana, sorry for the delay in responding to your comments. I had the same feeling, that I would have to confront these guys. Being a former mechanic does help. Thank God I didn’t have to confront anyone. You are one of the fortunate ones, to have a personal friend as your mechanic. It can be somewhat scary, especially for a female. Again, thank you. Blessings.

      • Yes, you are right there – it can be VERY scary, especially for a female who has absolutely no interest into how cars work LOL. It’s a convenience and luck that i have a personal friend who is mechanic and it’s unfortunate that i don;t have more of them as a mechanic doesn’t always understands everything. E.g. my guy is excellent when it comes to engine and all, but when i have an electronic problem (e.g. one of my blinkers is playing tricks for ages – starts working and then stops, and then starts again for no apparent reason), he cannot quite figure it out yet and i need another type of specialist, i guess. Having said this, maybe it’s sometimes better to have a all-services-in type of shop where you go for all type of problems. Just a thought…

  9. Wow! Wish all auto repair shops were like that! And I commend you for giving them due credit and also promoting them through your blog!

    • Hi DC, Thanks for the comments. It is so difficult to find honest shops anymore. You really have to be an astute person in order to confront so many scam artists. They are everywhere. Thank God for the few honest ones. Glad you liked the article. Blessings.

  10. First I wanna say I used to live in NM at the lab in Los Alamos – I didn’t get to Albuquerque much but I do miss it out there.

    I liked your approach with the mechanics to find that they were honest. Talk to all of them. I never thought of that. Great tip thanks.

    • Hi Joanne, Sorry for the delay regarding my response. Had some PC problems. I’m quite familiar with the lab. My wife is from up north, and attended Pojoaque HS. Glad I was of some assistance. As a former mechanic, I want to know, what you know. Keeps them honest. Where do you live now? Blessings.

  11. That is ultimately the best feeling you can have leaving an auto repair shop–knowing that you are only getting what you really need and not being haggled for more. I can’t tell you as a female how nerve wracking it is to take your car to the mechanic. They seem to always find something extra that needs fixed knowing you have no idea what that part even is. Luckily–or maybe not–I’ve had enough car issues in my life that I have become quite familiar with different parts of the car and know quite a bit now about the mechanics of a car.

    • Thank you so much for your comments.It is a great feeling to know, that you will not be taken by anyone who works on your vehicle. You did the right thing, by becoming acquainted with the inner workings of you car. As former mechanic, I don’t have to concern myself, as I will not be deceived by such unscrupulous individuals.Unfortunately, there those who will continue to face this possibility. Blessings.

  12. Great write up. To have an honest mechanic is a truly wonderful thing. For years I had cars held together by the rust. When something needed to be fixed my mechanic would ask “do the kids get in this car?” If the answer was yes, he would fix it correctly and let me pay the bill in installments. If the answer was no, it was fixed with a combination of duct tape and chewing gum (usually for free).

    • Thank you Kire. Ah, duct tape. The amazing things you can do with it! I agree with you totally. Having someone you can trust, no matter what area, will set your mind at ease, thus preventing any stressful situations, to invade your mind. What a relief that is. You go in, take care of business, and bingo, your problem is resolved. Sadly, there aren’t too many trustworthy individuals around, but once in a while, you will run into one. Blessings.

    • Thank you for stopping by, Jeannette. I’m from Brooklyn, and I never had to confront such obstacles. Took the bus, transferred to the subway, and voila, I was at my destination. We out here in the southwest, and western part of the nation, rely too much on public transportation. Difficult to find honest mechanics. Glad I found these ones. Blessings.

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